Emma's Comfort Coop Eggs Fresh California Eggs

THE HENS COME FIRST! Our hens live in a new American Humane® Association approved Enriched Colony Barn that allows them the opportunity to experience natural behaviors like nesting in a private area, flapping their wings, stretching, scratching and perching all in a very safe, clean, comfortable environment.

They are cared for under the highest animal welfare standards, certified by American Humane, a science-based farm animal welfare program built around the most comprehensive set of standards and audits ever created.

As multi-generation California family egg farmers, we are passionate about the health and welfare of our hens and the quality of the eggs that we put on your table.

More Spacious Accomodations for Hens - Watch!
Link to Live Cameras - to see more spacious accomodations of our hens NuCal Foods website link